The mattress is the thing that contact directly with the human body so if you do not clean your mattress regularly, it may become the source of several skin problems and respiratory illnesses.

As you can see, the mold is harmful for us. But, how does your mattress get mouldy? The mold may be the result of unclean substances  such as sweat, dead cells from the human body, urine, pet fur, children vomit, food and drinks spilled on the mattress, rainy weather, humid air and so on.

When molds has already grown on your mattress, it is very difficult to do away with them. But this does not mean that molds are unremovable. Keep reading and I will show you how to handle them.

Use Fresh Lemon To Get Rid Of The Mold

Fresh lemon effectively removes mold buffer solution

Lemon is a common fruit that is used in daily life. It is also an effective method to get rid of the stubborn mold on your mattresses. First, you need to get juice by squeezing the lemon. Then use a cloth, soak it into the lemon juice and rub it onto the moldy area.

Next you must dry the mattress under the sun for a few hours. After that, the mold will fade. In the final step, you should use rub gently on the moldy surface with soap water and the mold will disappear completely.

Baking Soda Blows Away All Mold Stains

Baking soda powders will wash away any moldy mark on the cushion surface

Baking soda is a familiar ingredient that effectively assists housewives in housekeeping. Not only does baking soda help you quickly remove mold stains from bedding but it also helps to eliminate odors.

To treat mold stains with baking soda, you need to prepare 1 shift of warm water, 1 box of baking soda, a vacuum cleaner and cotton towels. First, you  will need to soak a cotton towel in warm water and then rub it onto the moldy surface. Next, use a spoon to pour baking soda on the damped area.

Leave baking soda powder on the surface for about 30 minutes so that the powder can penetrate evenly into the mattress  and absorb the mildew. Then, you need to use a vacuum to remove all the baking soda powder and scrub the surface with a brush

Finally, dry out the mattress by placing the mattress under the sun and the mold will disappear completely.

Use Specialized Chemicals To Clean The Mold

Use specialized chemicals to clean the stain on the mattress

The aforementioned methods to clean the mold above only apply to small mold stains. When it comes to big mold, we have to use specialized chemicals such as ammonia solution, fungicides and so on.

To clean the mold with a specialized chemical, first, you must use a towel to rub the chemicals onto the moldy area. Then, wait for it to dry. Next, use a brush and a mild soap to completely remove mold stains on the mattress.

You should be careful as some specialized chemicals solution can terrible smell so you must open the door and windows while using them.

Vacuum The Mattress Regularly

Regularly vacuum the cushions to avoid mold growth

Mold is an enemy of health and the cause of respiratory problems. So, in order to protect the health of family members, we must clean the house regularly. And, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Once a month, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the both surfaces of the mattress.
  • Do not eat or drink on the mattress to prevent food from falling onto the mattress and create an ideal environment for mold to grow 
  • Exposed to the sun mattress to avoid mold growth.
  • Families with young children should use waterproofing sheets to keep the mattresses clean
  • Regularly open the room windows so that the air can circulate in the room  to avoid mold growth.


I hope that with these simple methods, the mold stain on your mattress will disappear soon.