Back pain is one of the world’s most concerning health problems, especially in the United States. If you are dealing with upper back or lower back pain, it would be advisable to try out reclining chairs. However, not all reclining chairs are ideal for mitigating the back pain.

Some Orthopedic Doctors, Chiropractor, and other sleep professionals agree that some but not all recliners are great at reducing back pain. In this article, you will learn to essential issues associated with recliners and back pains.

Top 7 Recliners for Back Pain

Further, it is exceptionally challenging to find a back-pain recliner suitable for your preference in local or online stores. Why? The market is inundated with an odd number of these products, from good to excellent. In luck, we’ll provide you with the detailed shortlisted review of the best seven recliners for back pain.

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga & Heating Therapy

The recliner is an Amazon choice for massage chairs. This product is sold by a well-known manufacturer called Kahuna massage. The product features a double layer shoulder airbags for more comfort. Plus, it comes with a foot padding for a proper elevation of your leg to help improve circulation and optimal comfort.

Also, this product incorporates advanced technologies, and one of the most intriguing is Smart body scan hat detect the user’s body size for the perfect customized massage. Kahuna massage chair is focused on providing you with maximum relief from back pain using six distinct auto programs like special yoga stretching programs that help stretch your body and dual foot rollers to massage the foot area.

In addition to that, the recliner does not eat up the whole save in the room and only need three inches from the wall. Besides, the manufacturer provides a 3-year limited warranty, which protects you from manufacturer’s defects.


  • Double layer shoulder airbags
  • Extra foot padding
  • About 30 minutes timer button
  • Multiple color options
  • Remote holder
  • Customized massage to your body size
  • Zero gravity for the best massage experience
  • 3-years limited warranty


  • Some users complained that the foot roller hurt a little bit.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel

This fantastic chair is designed to help you relax and relieve back pain. It comes fully prepared for the task with incredible features like heating, rocking, massaging and vibrating. More so, the PU leather design is soft and sturdy enough to withstand intensive use. On top of that, the recliner is padded with a more thick sponge to provide the cushion to your back and arms.

Other extra features, includes its four storage bags and two cups holders to have a relaxing session with drinks and magazines. In addition to that, Esright Massage Recliner features 150-degree recline and 360-degree swivel. Coming with a power cord, five control modes, remote controller and two intensity levels to ensure convenience. Equally important, assembling this product is simple and stress-free.


  • Comes with storage bags and cup holders
  • 150-degree recline and 360-degree swivel
  • PU leather for intensive use
  • Two intensity levels and five control modes
  • Simple assembling
  • Allows users to rock


  • The footrest and recliner closing way is manual
  • The product lacks a swivel lock system

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Yandel Power Lift Recliner

This is another impressive recliner from Ashley Furniture tailoring functionality with style for maximum relief and comfort. The recliner is designed with the dual motor lift system, which is easily controlled by merely touching a button. The recliners provide the life for a luxurious lounging experience.

What’s more? The recliner intends to offer ultimate comfy support with a faux leather covering a high back, thick-padded cushion. Thanks for its metal supported seat, and solid corner blocked frame, durability, and performance are no longer in question. The reclining chair has a dimension of 35 x 40.5 x 42.5-inch with a fully reclined length of 69 inches and seat height of 20 inches. More surprisingly, it is easy to assemble, as all detailed instructions, tools, and hardware are provided.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Dual motion function
  • Poly fiber material
  • Decent sizing
  • Armrest and pillow top


  • The height of the footrest may be a bit low for some users.

DaVinci Piper All-Purpose Upholstered Recliner

The DaVinci Piper All-Purpose Upholstered Recliner offers impressive glider and recliner functions without lagging much in style. The product is a perfect match for those looking for fashionable appearance and incredible functionality to help relieve back pain. The featured soft polyester velvet is sturdy and does not include any chemical retardants. Thus, making it a top recommendation for nursing mothers.

More so, the reclining chair offers firm backing and extra support to the lower back, which works in tandem to ease the symptoms of back pain. The metal base construction permits a 360-degree swivel motion gently and smoothly. However, for a streamlined look, the whole reclining mechanism is kept hidden, which makes it an excellent choice for those looking to place a reclining chair in their homes. More interestingly, the product comes with comfy pop-up leg support for better relaxation position.


  • Looking streamlined
  • Inner side handle for easy access
  • Extra lumber pillow
  • Comfy pop-up leg support


  • Some customers claim the rock and swivel motion is a bit noisy

Mac Motion Oslo Collection Hamar Recliner

Looking for a recline with a stunning visual to be the centerpiece of your living room? Mac Motion Oslo Collection Hamar Recliner is built for that among other benefits. Plus, this product comes with a proprietary angled ottoman, no other products shares that with this product; making it’s unique and distinctive.

What’s more, the ottoman and the recliner are not attached, which means this model can be converted into a regular chair – perfect if you hate to have a recline-looking chair in your room. With a single handle, you enjoy the relief offered from the 360-degree swivel at the model base coupled with a reclining back fully adjustable. I don’t see getting into your desired position any easier than this.

In addition, the Oslo recliner features memory foam and solid core foam in their build construction for more support and extra comfort. Aside from the rich looks, the additional features include air leather with vital breathable, superior back support, and angled ottoman for alleviating back pain.


  • Includes memory foam
  • Decent swivel
  • Double up as a regular chair
  • Comfortable and extra support
  • Extra lumbar support


  • Some customers claim the product material wears

Homall Single Recliner Chair

The Homall Single Recliner Chair is an excellent choice for those looking to buy a recliner without breaking a bank. The model bears a resemblance to theater seating. Interestingly, it comes with multiple functions and allows you to choose from a wide range of color options that best fit your interior decor.

Let’s discuss this model functions. The product allows three position stages which users can pick from – fully reclined, slightly reclined and straight, what makes you comfortable. Also, the model does not lack a quick switch system; thanks to its easily accessible pull tag placed on armrest’s top for convenience. Besides, the upholstery makes this chair inviting and takes your fancy without posing difficulty in maintaining.

Furthermore, the lush recliner back makes it possible for people with back pain feel relieved. On top of that, the adjustable footrest featured a solid steel frame and padded with thick foam for ultimate comfort and relaxation. And surprisingly, the product provides these benefits for an extended period.


  • On the cheaper side
  • Solid adjustable footrest
  • Easy to clean and care
  • 3-stage positioning


  • The model lacks a lever or handles to recline; instead, it features a pull tag
  • Not ideal for large people
  • The armrest is not correctly padded

GDF Studio Elizabeth Leather Recliner Arm Chair

If you are looking for a recliner with a classic look, then your search is over. The GDF Studio Elizabeth Leather Recliner Arm Chair is designed to meet your classic and traditional preference. They are an excellent choice to include anywhere n your room, especially a library or sturdy, to complement the interior decor.

The upholstery of this model features a visually classic bonded leather, and still, provides incredible comfort via its well-cushioned seat. The recliner’s design with tuft back, perfect shape and height help provide the much-need support for better relaxation and relief.

Plus, the armrest offers extra comfort. Coming with an exceptionally relaxed recline position which does lack a lever system, but allows you to use your weight to achieve your recline in the most natural way possible manually. The recliner adapts to your room with a clear classic statement, cushioned and comfortable to be the centerpiece display and spot.


  • Traditional and classical feel and look
  • Tufted back
  • Well-cushioned seat
  • Armrest for continued comfort


  • No lever system

How to Choose The Ideal Reclining Chair for Your Back Pain

A recliner may look fancy and comfortable to you, but if you ignore essential factors like back support, then you probably might toss the product away in a short period. The first priority for those dealing with back pain is to purchase a product able to alleviate back pain.

It is a good idea to invest quality time to check in details what each recliner offer. For this reason, we’ve created a section to educate you on how to choose the best recliners for back pain.

  • If you are struggling with chronic pain, then it’s best to purchase a recliner that delivers incredible lumbar support. Recliners that support your lumbar are the best choice for offering excellent support to your lower back.
  • Some recliners sink too deep and may be uncomfortable for you. These models are not recommended, especially if you are worried about alleviating back pain. It is advisable to go for a recliner with robust support for the back.
  • It’s imperative that you ensure that back support of the reclining chair conforms most naturally with the shape of your spine. If the model provides back support that straightens your spinal column, then you will probably experience more back pain after prolonged sitting.
  • For those struggling with spinal stenosis then it is advised on splurging on a massaging recliner that offers incredible support to your lower back. It helps minimize the stress on your nerves.
  • If you perform lots of exercises or a sportsman, then you should fancy a recliner with vital soft cushion support for more comfort. However, it is not a good trade-off for lumbar support.
  • For seniors with troubles getting up and sitting down on lower seats, lifting recliners are the best to splurge on. These models allow you to alter the height for sitting and getting off without hassle.