Road Safety has been a major priority for me this term and I am grateful for the support of our local residents and community associations who have been helping to advocate for measures that will make our streets safer. I will be taking that momentum forward as we work to take full advantage of measures included in the City's new Road Safety Plan, particularly in areas near local schools.

As Vice-Chair of the Board of Health, I had the opportunity to help introduce a new “Guide to Safer Streets Near Schools” which shows residents exactly how to request speed limit reductions, traffic calming studies, crossing guards and more. The guide is available here.

I have been looking at all of our local schools and the surrounding streets to see where safety improvements can be made. These measures can include new school-zone markings, 'Watch Your Speed' speed monitoring signs, and speed limit reductions. I will be working with Transportation Services, local school trustees, parent councils and residents as plans proceed.