Upcoming Lakeshore West Bridge Maintenance Work

Metrolinx is refurbishing a series of bridges in Toronto, around the Humber Bay.

This work will take place over the course of 9 weekends between Labour Day and December 2018. Work will begin each Friday evening and continue until the following Monday morning resulting in a full road closure in the vicinity of each bridge. The current schedule is as follows:

Colborne Lodge Drive: October 12 - 14
Parkside Drive: October 19 - 21
Ellis Avenue: October 26 - 28
Windermere Avenue: November 23 - 25
South Kingsway: November 30 – December 2

The Humber River Bridge will also be replaced, which will be ongoing each weekend until December 2nd.

Night Time Construction Work
Due to the complexity of these projects, weekend work will take place around the clock. Residents and businesses in neighbourhoods surrounding the bridges may notice:

  • vehicle and construction equipment backup alarms

  • sounds of installation of track and ballast

  • construction lighting

Intermittent Lane Closures
Contractors will display signage advising of partial closures and full detours for the five affected streets.

Following the completion of this work, partial lane closures allowing a single lane of traffic in each direction will be required at certain times. The tentative schedule is as follows:

  • Parkside Drive: September 20, 2018 - October 30, 2019

  • Colborne Lodge: October 15, 2018 - March 24, 2020

  • Ellis Ave: October 29, 2018 - March 25, 2020

  • Windermere Ave: November 26, 2018 - March 24, 2020

  • South Kingsway: March 11, 2019 - September 20, 2019