Street Cars to be replaced with buses on Queensway begining January 8

The TTC and the City of Toronto start working on various projects affecting TTC service on Lake Shore Boulevard West and The Queensway.

The projects include:

  • renewing the TTC tracks and overhead wiring on Lake Shore Boulevard West between Symons Street (east of Royal York Road) and Humber Loop;
  • renewing the TTC tracks and overhead wiring on The Queensway between Humber Loop and Parkside Drive;
  • rehabilitating The Queensway bridge over the Humber River; and
  • improving Humber Loop, including
  • installing new tracks, accessible streetcar platforms and new shelters;
  • rebuilding the tunnel walkway;
  • replacing the roof service building; and
  • building a new electrical substation.

Starting Sunday, January 8, the construction affects TTC services along several routes:

  • 66 Prince Edward;
  • 80 Queensway;
  • 301 Queen overnight; and
  • 501 Queen.

Shuttle buses replace streetcars west of Roncesvalles Avenue. The buses operate along two routes:

  • 301L / 501L Queen / Long Branch shuttle: between Long Branch and Dufferin Gate Loops; and
  • 501M Queen / Marine Parade shuttle: between Park Lawn Road and Windermere Avenue.

These buses do not operate through Humber Loop.

Construction on Lake Shore Boulevard West, in Humber Loop and on The Queensway and the TTC detours continue throughout 2017, or until December 31.