Back to School Road Safety and 30km/h Update

As parents and children make their way through the first week back at school, the safety of our local streets is again top of mind.

I have been working hard to keep the issue of road safety front and centre at City Hall and in the community. I was able to push for a report from staff on the proposal to reduce the speed limit on all of our local roads to 30 km/h that came back to Etobicoke-York Community Council on Wednesday. Despite the evidence that a ward-wide lower speed limit would reduce fatalities, create consistency for motorists and save the City money, a majority of Councillors at Community Council voted to maintain the existing street-by-street approach to speed limit reductions. 

I want to thank everyone who signed a petition, wrote a letter or showed up to speak at the meeting. Our local residents' associations, BIAs and community groups were instrumental in getting this issue on the agenda and I will be taking that momentum forward as we work to take full advantage of measures included in the City's new Road Safety Plan, particularly in areas near local schools.

Using the plan as a guide, I have been looking at all of our local schools and the surrounding streets to see where safety improvements can be made. These measures can include new school-zone markings, 'Watch Your Speed' speed monitoring signs, and speed limit reductions. I will be working with Transportation Services, local school trustees, parent councils and residents as plans proceed.