Public Safety in Windermere/Queensway Area


I was deeply concerned to hear of the shooting early Friday morning at Swansea Mews, where a teenage boy suffered non-life threatening injuries. Violence like this can cause tremendous amount of trauma for the community, and I will be reaching out to offer my support to those in the Mews and surrounding area.

I am in contact with Toronto Police Superintendent Heinz Kuck about this issue. With a convenience store robbery taking place nearby last week, I know that public safety is top of mind for those in this neighbourhood. I will continue to work with residents and the police to ensure that our neighbourhoods are safe. I will be hosting a community safety meeting in the coming weeks. Police have advised that it should be scheduled "Once (they) are in position to provide information that has value and relevance, and has been vetted so as to not compromise the investigation." 

Please check back on this website for more information about the meeting as it becomes available.

The police investigation is underway for both of these incidents, and residents with any information are encouraged to contact 11 Division at 416-808-1100. You can also sign up for 11 Division's community alerts here.

I joined 11 Division representatives for a canvass of the area on September 3, and distributed the letter below, specifically concerning the investigation into the August 28 incident.