City to begin clean out and maintenance of the Lower Duck Stormwater Management Pond

This August, Toronto Water will begin work to remove sediment and conduct maintenance on the Lower Duck Stormwater Management Pond, which is located in High Park at the north/west corner of Parkside Drive and The Queensway.

Originally constructed in 2000, the pond collects runoff from rain and melted snow, which helps to reduce localized flooding.  It also allows dirt and other solids in the runoff from roads and sidewalks to settle to the bottom of the pond, which improves the quality of water released back into the environment.

The project, slated to begin in August, will help ensure the pond is working as originally designed. Active construction is expected to last approximately five months and will involve pruning and removing some trees and brush near Spring Road in order to access the pond. Staff will then lower the water level in order to remove sediment in the pond and to conduct any maintenance that may be needed. 

During this time, to help ensure the safety of the public, the High Park Trail beside the pond and the parking lot south of Spring Road will be closed.

The final stage of the project will be restoration of the vegetation surrounding the pond, which will occur in the spring of 2017.

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