Air Traffic Noise Update

I have heard from a number of residents in the Swansea and Bloor West Village area who have concerns about an increase in air traffic noise in recent years. While primarily an area of federal jurisdiction, concerns have been raised across the City and that prompted a motion at council last year. The motion requested Nav Canada, the country's private airspace navigation authority, and the federal Transport Minister to review the flight paths to reduce airplane noise.  In January, 2016, five fellow Councillors and I wrote to the new Minister of Transport to raise the issue again.

Earlier this week, I met with officials from Nav Canada at City Hall to hear about their plans to address this issue through redesigned flight paths and by working with the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) on noise mitigation efforts. They have informed us that they "will be contracting an outside party with expertise in airspace design and noise issues to undertake a review of Toronto airspace with the aim of identifying additional opportunities to reduce community noise exposure." As part of that work, the company will liaise directly with stakeholder groups in Toronto, and will review the various suggestions that have been made.

My staff and I will make sure that local residents' associations are part of Nav Canada's outreach. If you wish to be more involved in noise mitigation efforts at Pearson, you can attend a meeting of the GTAA's  Community Environment and Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC)