Important update regarding negotiations with City Staff

Monday, February 22: With another extended bargaining deadline having expired last night, a deal has yet to be reached between the City and CUPE Local 79. Union members have begun a work-to-rule campaign of strictly adhering to their job descriptions. City programs and services will continue to operate during this time, however, some enquiries from our office on behalf of residents may take longer than usual to receive a response.

Friday, February 19: After a long night of negotiations, the City has reached a tentative deal with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 416, representing outside workers.  

The tentative agreement must be ratified by the Local 416 membership and subsequently approved by Toronto City Council. Details of the agreement will be released once it has been ratified and approved by both parties.

Negotiations with Local 79, representing inside workers, are continuing. At midnight tonight, those workers will be in a legal strike position and the City will be in a legal lock-out position. We are hopeful that an agreement will also be reached at the bargaining table.

In the event that either a strike or a lock out occurs, my staff will continue to serve residents while working from the ward.

For a full list of the City's contingency plans, and to find out what services could be affected, please click here.

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