Lessard Avenue Parking Change Proposal

Dear Lessard Avenue Residents,

I am writing to follow up on the public meeting held this Fall regarding proposed parking changes on Lessard Avenue. At this meeting Transportation staff presented options to allow for possible pick-up and drop-off spots on Lessard for Angelgate Daycare.  At this meeting you told me you wanted to know if these spaces could be accommodated on Jane St. I consulted with the TTC and we received this comment from them:

The TTC is highly aware of, and sensitive to, the many competing uses which are proposed for Toronto's streets -- traffic, transit, parking, cycling, pedestrians, festivals, green space, etc. -- but our position remains that one specific category of the city's road system -- its arterial roads -- must be reserved for transportation purposes, not parking, green space, etc.  If Toronto's arterial roads are allowed to continue to be used during peak periods for non-transportation purposes, such as pick-ups and drop-offs, picking up laundry, or stopping at Starbucks, then this precious and irreplaceable transportation resource will be lost to everyone, and the TTC's ability to deliver competitive and reliable transit service will be lost with it.  For this reason, we do not support allowing parking on Jane Street in peak periods, no matter how legitimate the cause might be.

I also sought comment from Transportation Services. You can read their response by reading the .pdf here.

At the meeting there was agreement on installing "No Stopping" signage on the north side of Lessard at the intersection with Jane Street to help prevent vehicles from parking illegally on the north side. This signage has now been installed.

Three options to accommodate a drop-off area were presented at the meeting. We need to ensure safety for those picking-up and dropping-off while at the same time allowing ease of access for residents who live on Lessard. You can review the proposals and share your feedback by clicking here.

Best regards,

Sarah Doucette

City Councillor

Ward 13