Council Update: December 2017

Graphic Images
I put forward a successfully motion for City Legal to examine what steps can be taken to regulate the extremely graphic images we saw from anti-abortion protesters along Bloor Street, and throughout our City, this summer. While I respect ones right to freedom of speech, the graphic nature of these signs are meant to harm and upset adults and children alike. City Legal will be reporting back to the Executive Committee next year on what actions can be taken.

Halloween Road Closures
In the lead up to Halloween, I heard a fair bit of concern from residents regarding some of our destination streets for trick-or-treaters. With some of our streets having over 1,000 visitors on Halloween night, road safety is a serious concern. My motion (MM35.9) is asking staff to examine allowing City Councillors to sponsor Halloween road closures when safety is an issue, to limit the costs to residents. I hope with this motion we will see safer trick-or-treating in 2018!

Short Term Rental (AirBnB)
I voted with Council to regulate and legalize short term rentals within Toronto.  The new regulations will allow a property owner or tenant to host short-term rental in their own residence, where they may share up to three bedrooms, or rent their entire residence for short-term durations (no more than a total of 180 days a year). Secondary suites can be rented out by a tenant, however the home owner cannot rent out a secondary suite that could be used as a long term residential space.

Shelter Beds
A heated debate occurred regarding shelter beds in our City. I am happy to share that Council voted to add 400 new shelter beds this year. I was disappointed to see that Council did not approve a motion to open the Canadian military armouries in the city to the homeless. The vote in favour of more shelter beds is a good step, but I believe it does not go far enough to address the immediate need.