Council Update: March 2016

MM17.14 - Car2Go and Parking Concerns

During the first day of Council I started to receive a number of calls regarding Car2Go vehicles being parked on our residential streets. Despite being denied such an agreement with the City, Car2Go has unilaterally decided to allow their members to park on residential streets. As there is no agreement or special consideration, these vehicles are subject to the same rules as any other non-permitted vehicle, and will be fined if caught parking illegally. Car2Go has stated they have hired 20 people to monitor the cars by GPS and to move the cars to the agreed upon spaces in Green P and private parking lots.

I put forward a successful urgent motion to ask that the City and Toronto Police actively monitor to ensure Car2Go fully complies with all parking regulations. It also asked the Manager of Transportation Services to advise Car2Go that they can only park on City streets in a manner that is in full compliance with all parking regulations. It is my hope that we can ensure parking remains available for permit holders. Please do not hesitate to let me know if this issue is affecting your street.

EX13.24 - Advance Voting Days

During the last municipal election, I heard from a number of university and college students who were disappointed with how difficult it was to vote while they were away at school. To make it easier for students to vote, I made a friendly amendment to a proposal to examine adding addition days of advanced voting to the next municipal election. The City will now be looking into adding advanced voting during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, to allow those returning to the City a chance to have their voices heard.

EX13.1 - Local Appeal Body (LAB) for Toronto

I voted with Council to establish a Local Appeal Body for the City of Toronto. Currently, any Committee of Adjustment ruling can be appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board, the same board of the Ontario government that hears appeals on our large scale developments. Under the new decision, C of A will be appealed to this new local board. There will also be a new mediation service offered, which will allow property owners and neighbours to try to work out their differences before an appeal. While we are still in the first steps of the establishment of this system, I look forward to what could come for residents of our ward.

PW11.1 - Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard East Reconfiguration Environmental Assessment (EA)

As I mentioned in the June 2015 Council Update, I voted against the so-called “hybrid” option for the Gardiner Expressway. I believed the grand avenue option was best for the City in terms of budget and the access to our City’s waterfront. Unfortunately, as that motion passed, the issue returned to Council this month with three proposed routes the hybrid could follow. In this case, while I wanted to vote against this motion due to my distain for any hybrid option, I voted for the staff recommendation, which followed the wishes the local residence and business associations, as well as the local Councillor. While this option was the best of a bad set, this proposal went the furthest to protected the water and create a livable community for the local residents.