Council Update: December 2015

PE8.7 - Ice Activity on Grenadier Pond

I am thrilled to share that at the December 10 City Council meeting, legal winter ice access was approved for Grenadier Pond after a 15 year absence. 

As residents of our ward are well aware, skating on Grenadier Pond has been a longstanding tradition in the Swansea and greater Toronto Community since the days of Confederation.  When the City amalgamated they stopped funding the monitoring of the pond.  Despite the lack of City approval, the tradition of skating on Grenadier Pond continued, resulting in unregulated and potentially dangerous use.

Following Council’s approval, a new flag system will be set up to allow residents to know that when the red flag is up the ice is not safe, and when a yellow flag is up, use at your own risk.  There will be a designated area to skate and access the pond, to help ensure the natural environment is not harmed by people walking through sensitive areas.  The pond will be safer for users, safer for the environment, and residents will no longer have to avoid the threats of tickets by bylaw officers.

I would like to thank Parks staff and the encouragement of residents throughout the City for helping to make this plan a reality.  Happy skating!