34 Southport Street

May 2018 Update - Applicants submitted Site Plan to the City on April 27, 2018. For more information on the documents submitted for Site Plan Approval, click here.

March 2018 Update - Applicants continue to work on Site Plan. No estimated timelines.

June 2017 Update -  At this time the developers have not applied for site plan approval. 

August 2016 Update -  The updated parking plan was appealed to the OMB.  A hearing was expected to take place in August, however the appeal was canceled two days prior to hearing.

November 2015 Update - In November 2015, an application was approved at the Committee of Adjustment for changes to the 26 and 29 storey buildings to accommodate a grocery store at ground level.  These changes reflected discussions as part of a successful consultative process involving the Working Group, the applicant and my office.

January 2015 UpdateState Building Group met with members of the 34 Southport Working Group and the Councillor to share their plans for modifications to the development to accommodate a larger grocery store. The proponent informed the councillor and the Working Group that when the plans are finalised they will be taking them to the Committee of Adjustment.

July 2014 Update - We have received no updates from the developer regarding construction at this time.

November 2013 Update - On March 25, 2013 the South Kingsway Neighbourhood Committee and the Swansea Area Ratepayers Association took the proponent to the OMB. The OMB decided in favour of the development.  To see the decision, please click here

October 2013 Update - Following four working group meetings, and two public consultations, the 34 Southport development was approved at the October 30th City Council Meeting.  City Planning's report on the proposal can be viewed here.