3260 Dundas Street West (at Gilmour Avenue)

November 2017 Update - Construction has begun.

May 2017 Update - At this time construction has not begun. 

November 2015 Update - On September 10, 2015, this application was approved at the Committee of Adjustment hearing with transportation conditions.

August 2015 Update - Our office has recently received notice that the application at 3258 Dundas St W (at Gilmour) will be heard at the Committee of Adjustment on September 10th.   

There was a Community Meeting on June 17th, 2015, where the proposal and main variances were described.   The feedback at the public meeting was very positive, and residents said they felt that the proposal would be a good fit for the neighbourhood.

Here are the details of the proposal:

  • Four storey residential building with retail at grade on the Dundas side
  • Nine residential (condo) units
  • Nine parking spaces at grade (six accessed from Gilmour, three from the lane)
  • Landscaping along the site
  • Rooftop terrace, to be screened by a wall all around
  • No windows on the east side, so there would not be privacy issues
  • It is within the permitted height for the street
  • They will be widening the lane where there building is
  • Variances to be heard at the Committee of Adjustment include:
    • Maximum permitted floor space index is 2.5 times the area of the lot.  The proposed building will be 3.25 times the area of the lot
    • The minimum required setback from the lot line on the opposite side of the lane is 7.5m.  The proposed building will be 6.36m from the lot line, after the lane widening
    • The building must be within the 45 degree angular plane.  The proposed building will penetrate the angular plane very slightly at the top corner of the rear of the building
    • There are several variances related to the parking entrance location and width.  This was brought up at the Community Meeting.  However, it was felt that it is actually better for the street, as there would be less 'car' space, and more 'people' space.  Since there are only six parking spots it would access, it is unlikely that there would be back-up on the street
    • There are a few variances related to a 'building behind a building'.  This is because of the retail component, which we are actually encouraging on the street.

If you have any questions, including how to send comments or speak at the Committee of Adjustment, please be in touch. 

July 2015 Update - This is a proposal for 9, four-storey townhouses running north from Dundas Street West to the lane on the east side of Gilmour Avenue. The proposed height is lower than what is permitted. There are 9 on-site parking spaces.

A pre-application meeting was held on June 17, and everyone in attendance at the meeting was supportive of the proposal in its current form. 

This will likely be a Committee of Adjustment Application, a paper notice will be mailed to neighbouring residents when a hearing date is scheduled. This will provide residents further opportunity to provide input on the proposal.