Safer Streets with a 30 km/h Speed Limit

The research is clear: reducing speed limits on our local, residential streets saves lives and makes our communities safer. A growing chorus of residents have indicated that they want to follow the lead of other downtown wards (and cities around the world) to reduce the speed limit on local roads in Ward 13 to 30 km/h. 

On June 14, the first phase of this motion was passed by Etobicoke York Community Council. Transportation Services will produce a report over the summer and present it at the September 2016 meeting where councillors will have a chance to vote on implementation.

Many residents have already shared their messages of support for this proposal, but we will need to clearly demonstrate our community's commitment in order to convince the other councillors at Community Council.

What you can do

Sign the online petition calling for the implementation of 30 km/h speed limits on local, residential roads.

Download the paper petitionshare with your neighbours and send back to my office.

Speak at the September meeting in support of this motion (more information coming soon)

Get your local organisation or neighbourhood group to write a letter of support for the proposal.


Since late last year, I have been seeking feedback from residents on the proposal to reduce speed limits on local, residential streets to 30 km/hr. This change would bring us in line with the wards in the Toronto-East York district, who voted to make this change last year. In fact, many residents of Ward 13 thought that this change applied to us as well.

Overall, there has been a significant increase in the number of requests for traffic calming and speed reductions in our community. Under the existing system, each of these requests is accompanied by a petition from residents on a particular street, followed by a costly traffic study that takes 6-8 months to complete. It has left us with a patchwork of speed limits across the ward, with some streets going from 50 km/hr to 40 km/hr then to 30 km/hr.

Through the consultation process, it has become clear that residents want action to reduce the speeds on our local roads. Respondents told me that the proposal would improve safety, something that is borne out through the data – collisions and accidents are less likely to involve death at 30 km/hr. On all sides of the issue, people agreed that increasing enforcement of the speed limits would be essential and to that end we continue to liaise with Toronto Police Services.

In order to make this change, we must build a case for it at Etobicoke York Community Council. I have sought letters of support from local residents' associations and business improvement areas. These letters in addition to the hundreds of emails and numerous traffic study requests already received, present a compelling case to make this change.

Who's endorsed this measure?

The following Ward 13 organisations have endorsed the move to 30 km/h:

  • Swansea Historical Society
  • Bloor West Village Residents' Association
  • Bloor West Village Business Improvement Area
  • Junction Business Improvement Area
  • St. Pius X Catholic School Council
  • Swansea Public School Parent Council
  • Ward 13 Bikes
  • Green 13

Further Information:

World Health Organisation recommends that member countries set and enforce speed limits appropriate to the function of specific roads. 

Staff Report: 30 km/h Speed Limit on Local Roads in the Toronto and East York Community Council Area (2015)


Reduced speed limits part of Tory's 'master plan' to improve road safety (CBC, June 13, 2016)

Councillor Sarah Doucette asks constituents to weigh in on lower speed limits in Parkdale-High Park (Bloor West Villager, January 20, 2016)