2978 Dundas Street West (at Pacific Avenue, north-west corner)


June 2018 Update - The developer of 2978 Dundas Street West is hosting an Open House to show the updated plans they submitted to the City back in January.  (This is the development proposal on the west side of Dundas and Pacific, not the location that includes the Junction Train Platform). This will be an opportunity for residents to review the latest revisions for the proposed development, and to discuss the proposal with the developers.  Please note this is not a City organized meeting, and is solely an Open House provided by the developers.  Stop by anytime, as there is no sit down presentation.

Wednesday June 20, 2018
6:30 pm to 8 pm
West Toronto Baptist Church, 3049 Dundas St W

March 2018 Update - Revised application submitted to City Planning in February 2018.

August 2017 Update - We have heard rumors the applicant will be bringing in a new submission.  At this time that has not come forward. 

November 2016 Update - The applicant is looking to change the design of the ground floor retail. The City is waiting for the submission of the new design. 

June 2016 Update The community meeting hosted by Toronto Planning will be on Wednesday June 29, at 7:00 pm West Toronto Baptist Church, 3049 Dundas Street West.

April 2016 Update - The applicant has now applied to the City.  For a full list of their reports, please click here

February 2016 Update - On March 29 the applicants for this site brought forward a proposal that encompasses the two adjacent lots to the west of the approved building. The original buildings height and massing would remain the same with an expanded portion to the west including an interior courtyard. 

November 2015 Update - In September 2015, City Council approved a 7 storey (with partial 8th storey for amenity space access) rental building at this location.  There were a number of size reductions from the previous proposal, and the applicant has also agreed to widen the sidewalk around the building.  More streetscape improvements will be discussed during the Site Plan process, which will include input from the Junction Residents' Association, Junction BIA, and West Toronto Junction Historical Society.

August 2015 Update - The final staff report will be heard at Etobicoke York Community Council on September 8th.  You can read the full report here. Planning Staff are recommending approval of the proposal.

Councillor Doucette requested that the applicants post the latest design online for the public to see: you can review it here

The Community Consultations held in February and August, 2014, were fairly well attended, and residents raised a number of concerns including height, massing, transiting, materiality and "fit", traffic impact, and environmental sustainability.  

We heard your feedback, and the applicants heard it too, and made revisions based on public feedback and City Planning requests. 

Here is a summary of the current building proposal:  

  • Seven storeys plus partial eighth storey to allow access to amenity space (reduced from eight storeys originally).
  • Height of 24.5m plus a small (1.5m tall, 7.5m2) elevator overrun that also allows access to rooftop amenity (down from 27m originally. See Pages 10 and 36 of the report for heights; the height is incorrect on page 24 of the report, which we've flagged for Planning staff)
  • The mechanical penthouse is now sunken, so not an addition to the height
  • 43 rental units (reduced from 51 units originally). 
  • Stepbacks
  • On the south and east facades, including notching in the corner at grade to accommodate the pedestrian volume at that corner
  • Stepback at the third storey to create a cornice line
  • Stepbacks at the fifth, sixth and seventh storey on Dundas, and every storey above the third storey along Pacific
  • On the west side above the sixth storey to respond to the 'blank wall' concerns
  • Greater stepbacks at the rear to reduce protrusion into the angular plane
  • Significantly more masonry, particularly on the first three storeys
  • 44 bicycle parking spaces
  • 27 vehicular parking spaces (24 resident spaces through parking stackers, plus three visitor spaces at the rear)
  • Widening sidewalk at Dundas, with a sidewalk zone of 6m to 7.5m along Pacific, with rows of pavers along the road and a concrete sidewalk in front of the building.  More streetscape improvements will be discussed during the Site Plan process
  • Along with the stepbacks, different colours of brick on the west side, and above the fifth storey to make it appear five storeys, with the sixth and seventh storeys pushed in
  • Tier 1 requirements for the Toronto Green Standard (eg. automobile infrastructure, cycling infrastructure, storage and collection for recycling and organic waste, bird friendly design)

Etobicoke York Community Council will vote on September 8th, and the final vote will be at City Council on September 30th.

May 2015 Update - City staff are still working with the applicant to try to make this the best building possible for the neighbourhood. 

August 2014 Update - The mandatory community consultation for the proposed development at 2978 Dundas Street was held on Tuesday, August 19.  The City Planner and proponent listened to resident concerns, and are now looking at any changes they would like made.  

May 2014 Update - R.E. Millward has now applied to the City for a seven story proposal, with an additional floor to enter the green roof.  The footprint has also been brought in on the north side to allow for visitor parking.  The approval for the first mandatory community consultation will be will be going to the June 2014 Community Council meeting. 

February 2014 Update - On Thursday, February 13, R.E. Millward and Associates held a community meeting to discuss their proposal for an eight story development at 2978 Dundas Street West (the north-west corner of Dundas and Pacific).  This was a pre-application meeting, and at this point nothing has been submitted to the City.

Proponent's website 

City's application website