2265 Bloor Street West (at Durie Street)

March 2018 Update - There continues to be no action on this site.

November 2017 Update - The proponent is no longer working on site plan approval.  At this time no new actions are taking place on the site.

November 2016 Update - Site plan approval has begun.

May 2016 Update - The rental housing issues have been sorted, and City Staff are preparing a report on the rental housing demolition, which should be going to the June 14 Etobicoke York Community Council.  The City is working with the proponent on site plan approval. 

May 2015 Update - In April, the OMB accepted the Settlement Proposal and the revised building was approved. Amongst the changes are a reduction in height from 30m (including mechanical penthouse) to 25m (including mechanical penthouse), making a seven-storey building, adjustments in the building stepbacks and setbacks, and the removal of the amenity space and below grade parking associated with the house at the rear (116 Durie Street).

Many thanks again to the many people who worked hard on making this a better building.

April 2015 Update - Exciting news: on Tuesday, April 7, a Settlement Proposal for 2265 Bloor Street West will be brought to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

Over 100 people attended the Ontario Municipal Board pre-hearing this January in opposition to the previous application, and I have heard from many of you about your concern. I was able to convince my City Council colleagues that supporting a community-involved, collaborative process was the best approach, and representatives of the Bloor West Village Residents' Association, Swansea Area Ratepayers' Association, the City Solicitor, and the applicant entered into a mediation process. After countless hours of work, a Settlement Proposal was agreed upon, and was approved unanimously today at City Council.


Amongst other changes, the building is shorter, the pedestrian feel on Bloor will be better, the number of parking spaces have been reduced, and there is no commercial penetration into the stable residential neighbourhood to the south. The revised plans are attached here and the Minutes of Settlement, which describe the settlement, will be shared with all OMB Participants by the applicant today or tomorrow.


The next step is for the Parties to attend the OMB hearing to bring this settlement to ask for it to be approved. It is a public meeting; if you would like to attend the hearing on Tuesday, you are welcome to do so, and if you are a participant and would like to speak against the settlement, you can also bring your evidence in opposition. The hearing will be April 7 at 10:00 am at the office of the OMB at 655 Bay Street, Suite 1500.


Many thanks to the efforts of the residents' associations and neighbours who raised funds and dedicated many hours toward better neighbourhood building.  

March 2015 Update - Mediation and negotiations are still ongoing. I will share more information as soon as it becomes available.

January 2015 Update - As you are likely aware an application for a 9-storey mixed-use building at Bloor Street West and Durie Street was submitted to the City. The proposal was for a building height of 27 m (30 m to the top of the mechanical penthouse). My office, along with many residents in the adjoining neighbourhoods, voiced their concerns about how the proposal would impact the neighbourhood. The application was subsequently appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board, with a hearing date set for this week (beginning January 6). 

I am happy to share that after I moved a motion at City Council the applicant and the other parties agreed to mediation. This week's hearing was converted to a pre-hearing, and many of you attended to show how strongly the community feels about appropriate growth. Following the January 6 pre-hearing in the morning, the parties went directly into mediation, which concluded yesterday. The next steps are for a report to go to City Council. Until this time the details of the mediation must be kept confidential. 

Our local Residents' and Ratepayers' Associations have given countless hours to this issue, highlighting how important it is to area residents to have their voices heard. I'd like to thank these many volunteers for their hard work, and look forward to continuing to work together.

December 2014 Update - At City Council last week, I successfully moved recommendations to support residents and keep City Legal at the table in opposition to the current proposal at 2265 Bloor Street West. You can read the full motion byclicking here.

A priority for me, and one of the messages I have heard consistently, is the importance of residents being part of the conversation about how their neighbourhoods grow. The process so far on this application has been frustrating for the community, with little ability to have a dialogue with the applicant, and little time to prepare for a January 6th OMB hearing. Together, our efforts on this front have not been wasted; all parties have agreed to ask the Board to adjourn the hearing scheduled to commence on January 6th in order to proceed by way of Board mediation. There is hope that there will be some sort of settlement that ends in the best building possible for everyone.

November 2014 Update - The OMB hearing has been scheduled to begin January 6, 2015. 

August 2014 Update - Our neighborhood has taken the next step in the fight to stop the condo at 2265 Bloor Street West.  I convinced my colleagues on the Etobicoke-York Community Council and at City Council to unanimously support my motion to oppose the condo proposal at the OMB. 

Together we have developed a vision for Bloor West Village as a greener, walkable, family-friendly community, with businesses that meet neighbours’ needs, and buildings in tune with the character of our low-rise, bricks-and-mortar neighbourhood. I've opposed 2265 Bloor because it would take us in the opposite direction.

Bloor West Village is not just a commercial strip. This proposal sets a dangerous precedent for a style of development that would destroy what has made the Village great – a village feeling and connection between the businesses and the neighbours. That relationship has made Bloor West and Swansea wonderful places to live and has made the Village a great place to run a business.

City planners agree with our vision and had recommended that the City oppose the development. We added two community amendments to the staff report.  First, I've ensured that our local resident associations would be consulted on any working groups or site plan control applications that may arise from the proposed development.  It is vital that residents are consulted throughout this process, as it is we, the local residents, who will be living with the results of these decisions.

Secondly, Community Council directed the City Solicitor to request an adjournment of the OMB hearing until after the area study I proposed is complete. In 2012 I got City Council to agree to do an area study for Bloor West Village.  Earlier this year it was upgraded to an area study for all of Bloor Street West in our ward.

This development once again highlights that the OMB is an unfair appeals system. I am a strong supporter of MPPs’ private members’ bills that would remove the OMB's jurisdiction over Toronto. City Council supports this position and it has editorial support from the Toronto Star. The OMB is letting developers erode the Village character; the Premier needs to listen.

I would like to ask for your help in this ongoing battle. Can you please email Premier Wynne at premier@ontario.ca and Ted McMeekin, the Minister of Municipal Affairs at minister.mah@ontario.ca and tell them Toronto doesn't need the OMB.

Finally I want to thank all the community members who have been working for better planning in Ward 13. The continued success of Toronto rests on more than just building more gleaming towers; it’s about ensuring development preserves what made this city livable and desirable in the first place – strong and vibrant neighbourhoods. For a copy of the City's report please click here.

May 2014 Update - The proponent has taken their proposal to the Ontario Municipal Board.  Please click here for my thoughts on this issue.

April 2014 Update - The first community consultation meeting for 2265 Bloor Street was held on Thursday, April 10 at 7:00 pm at St. Pius X Catholic School (71 Jane Street).  For the plans on this development, please see below.

February 2014 Update - On the February 25 Community Council meeting, community consultation was approved for this development.  

An application has been made for an eight/nine story development at 2665 Bloor Street West.  At this time it appears the preliminary application will be going to the February 25 Community Council.  This meeting would approve the community consultation to in March.

Planning Report (August 2014) 

Building Plans (From the Proponent) 

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