2114 Bloor Street West  

March 2018 Update - This development is currently under construction. Estimated completion Fall/Winter 2018.

November 2016 Update - This development is currently under construction. 

April 2016 Update - The applicant submitted revised drawings. Planning is waiting for comments from Urban Design, Engineering and Toronto Building.  

February 2016 Update - The Applicant has submitted a Site Plan Application to City Planning. Planning Staff Review of this application should take place within 9 months.

November 2015 Update - The Working Group, City Staff, the applicant and my office came to a compromise on this application that has been approved by City Council.  There are still some items left to wrap up, but the proposal includes rental housing, attractive architecture, and comes in at 8 storeys, reduced from 10. The next step is to settle at the OMB in January, 2016.

July 2015 Update - At City Council, Councillor Doucette's motion to settle at the OMB passed unanimously.  

Amongst other changes, here is a summary of improvements since the original application:

1. A reduction in the gross floor area from 9,207 sq m to 7,223 sq m

2. The number of storeys has been reduced from 10 to 8 (with the exception of the mechanical penthouse and two small pop-ups attached to the mechanical, to allow for stairs to terraces.  These are within the angular plane and not visible from the street).

3. The height is reduced from 37.2m (inclusive of mechanical penthouse) to 32.05m (inclusive of mechanical penthouse)

4. The number of units has been reduced from 110 to approximately 69

5. The setback along the park is 7.5m

6. A stepback on the Bloor side ranging in depth from 0.5m to 1.5m, increasing from east to west

7. The use of different materials to establish a 3-storey datum

8. "Grounding" the building by continuing the brick to the ground in places along the Bloor side

9. Recessed balconies at the northeast corner

10. Signage and tree plantings adjacent to the parking garage to screen the access and discourage traffic from entering the neighbourhood to the north

There are 10 rental units: 6 three-bedrooms at 1000 plus sq ft each, and 4 two-bedrooms, which are between 800 and 900 sq ft each.  Three of these units will be affordable.

There are a few items, not related to the building form, that are being worked out now between staff and the applicant.  At the August 7th pre-hearing, the City can advise the OMB that they have a framework for moving forward, and will ask for both 2114 and 2800 Bloor to be heard together at the October date that's already been set for 2800 Bloor.

Many thanks to all of the neighbours, the Bloor West Village Residents' Association, and City staff for working hard to come to this settlement and a better building for the neighbourhood.

June 2015 Update - At the OMB pre-hearing on June 5th, a second pre-hearing date was requested for August 7th. I am still working with residents and Planning staff towards a settlement.

May 2015 Update - City Staff, residents, and the applicant are continuing to work together to try to come to a settlement agreement.  A status update was at the May 12th Community Council meeting, and staff were directed to continue negotiations.  

April 2015 Update - At Etobicoke York Community Council, I moved a motion to continue the positive discussions we've been having with the applicant for 2114 Bloor St W (at Kennedy Park Road), and for City Staff to report to the May 12th Community Council meeting on the most recent settlement offer.

This allows the process to keep moving along, while giving time for a proper, full analysis from City Staff.  An exciting part of this site is that we will be incorporating rental units to contribute to a good mix of tenancy in Bloor West Village.

Here is a summary of the motion:

  • City staff will attend the June 5 OMB pre-hearing to ask for a later date, and seek mediation if the later date isn't given
  • In the meantime, they will continue to negotiate with the Applicant and the Residents' Associations involved to try to come to a settlement
  • Staff are directed to include the Residents' Associations in any future working groups about this property, and consider their input on the future Site Plan
  • Staff are directed to report to the May 12th Community Council (public) meeting
  • An agreement with Councillor Di Cianno must be secured too
  • Staff are directed to work out the Rental Replacement units

The next step is for this motion to be approved at the May 5th City Council meeting.

March 2015 Update - Since pausing work on 2114 Bloor to focus on other properties under their ownership, the applicant has in recent months been attempting to further this project. The applicant has appealed 2114 Bloor to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). I have coordinated a new unique process with the Bloor West Village Residents Association (BWVRA) to try and resolve remaining built form issues by restarting the Working Group. The intended outcome of this collaboration is to reach a proposed settlement prior to the OMB pre-hearing. The outcome of these meetings will be shared as soon as they are confirmed.

Concerns expressed by previous Working Group participants about effects on the park and traffic from the new building will be dealt with separately through my office and City Staff; we are planning local park improvements and will look at holding a meeting with local residents on these issues.

I look forward to continuing this great collaborative approach with the Working Group and applicants to ensure the best building for the neighbourhood and a smoother and more cost effective process for residents.

July 2014 Update - As it stands, the Working Group and City are still waiting to hear back from the developer since our last meeting in 2013 when North Drive Investments (NDI) representatives consulted with the Working Group for the third time. City Planning's preliminary review of 2114 Bloor St W application is attached here