200 Keele Street/ 203 Oakmount 

November 2017 Update - Site Plan was submitted on May 26, 2016. The Applicant then went to Committee of Adjustment requesting minor variances to Zoning By-Laws, as well as consent to sever the property at 203 Oakmount Rd, for a building containing 52 residential units. Both applications were deferred at the June 2017 hearing to the August 2017 hearing, where the Committee refused the variances and approved the requested severance. The Applicant has appealed the minor variances decision, and the City has appealed the severance decision. These appeals will be going to the OMB on May 28, 2018 for three days. Click here to view the OMB notice hearing.

November 2015 Update - There is a renewed pre-application proposal for this site, along the northern edge of Lithuania Park.  A four storey condo building with rental townhouses at grade is proposed, and the owner is speaking with City Planning staff about how to proceed with their application.  

November 2013 Update On November 25, 2013 the OMB released their decision regarding 200 Keele.  The OMB agreed with the City and residents, and did not support the proponents appeal.  For the full OMB decision, please click here. For the City's report on this development, please click here