1978 - 2002 Lake Shore Blvd W (at Windermere Ave, north-west corner)

City Website (Including all submitted plans) 

March 2018 Update: City Planning Division will be hosting a public meeting on Tuesday, March 20, at 7 pm at Swansea Town Hall (95 Lavinia Avenue). Learn about and provide input to the proposal for a mixed use building on the north-west corner of Windermere Ave and Lake Shore Blvd W. The application includes two residential towers of 21 and 26 storeys, containing 607 proposed residential units, and non-residential (retail) floor area proposed at grade. 

February 2018 Update: The proponents have applied to the City proposing development of a mixed-use building with two towers, 21 and 26 storeys on a 3-6 storey base building, with a partial 7-storey element between the towers. You can see the submitted documents here.  A public meeting will be held shortly. 

September 2017 Update: On Thursday, September 28, the proponents for 2002 Lake Shore Boulevard West (the original site of the Joy Oil Station, on the north-west corner of Lake Shore Blvd W and Windermere Ave) held a pre-application meeting for the site. While this meeting was poorly attended, some important information was shared.

The proponents presented two proposals for the site.  Both proposals consist of two towers, one triangular shaped to the west and one oval shaped at the corner of Lake Shore and Windermere Avenue. They are connected by a seven storey podium that will have parking, amenity space, and a small number of units. The difference between the two proposals comes down to the height of the towers, and the size of the floor plates. The first proposal consisted of two 21 storey towers with a 920 square meters floor plate. The second proposal consisted of a 29 and a 32 storey tower, with 750 meters foot floor plates.

Unlike most development proposals, this site is being sold by the City. Prior to this site being transferred to Build Toronto in 2013, I put a motion forward at Council to limit the height of any future building on this site. That height was 65 metres, which is equal to the 21 storey proposal.  I put this motion forward, after consulting with the community, to allow the buildings to step down to the similar height as the existing towers at Lake Shore and Ellis Avenue. Without a second agreement from Council, they cannot build above that height.

I would not agree to increase the allowable height of the buildings without the support of the local community. A taller building with a smaller floor plate would allow for improved view corridors towards the waterfront. The obvious downside is the taller the tower, the father away it can be seen.

At this time the proponents have not stated what they are going to be bringing to the City. There will be an official City Planning meeting once an application is submitted. In the meantime, please let me know if you are interested in further updates when they become available.