111 Pacific Ave (Minto)

January 2017 Update - This application was submitted by Minto. The location for the proposed development is between Pacific Avenue and Oakmount Road, south of Glenlake Ave. Minto reached out to my office to inform us they have submitted the same application that they presented at the pre-application meeting, as a means to avoid paying increased development permit fees that were introduced on January 1, 2017. They have stated that they will be submitting updated plans in late January / early February with a revised application. 

The current application consists of two blocks of 37 3-storey townhouses, one 33-storey tower, one 29-storey tower, 8-storey podium and a new 2 -storey amenity pavilion.

City Planning has informed me that this application is not complete. Once a completed application has been submitted, a public meeting will be hosted by the City Planning Division.

You can view the application documents here.

November 2016 Update - A pre-application public meeting was held by Minto at Lithuanian House on November 2nd where they presented their original plans.