108 Vine Avenue (Western Portion) 

November Update - The Sweet Potato has moved in, and they are up and running.

January 2017 Update - The Sweet Potato plan to move in for early 2017.

November 2016 Update - Currently working on the final stages of site plan review. 

May 2016 Update - The Sweet Potato is currently going through site plan approval with the City.  

November 2015 Update - The application from The Sweet Potato to have a 1,670 m2 grocery store (with a retail floor space of 855 sq m) in the western portion of 108 Vine Ave, and a parking lot at 162 Vine Avegrocery store at 108 Vine St, was approved at City Council in September, 2015.  There was mixed feedback on this application, with some area residents in support, and some Vine Ave neighbours raising concerns about traffic impacts.  We are now working together on traffic calming initiatives for the street.

September 2015 Update - At the September 9th meeting of Etobicoke York Community Council, the application from the Sweet Potato to operate in the west portion of 108 Vine Avenue was approved.  This recommendation will go to the full City Council on September 30th.

Residents submitted letters and spoke both in favour and in opposition to the application.  Those opposed raised concerns about traffic generated from the proposal.

I have heard that traffic volume, speed, and finding parking are already concerns on Vine Avenue and adjoining streets.  My office has been pursuing traffic calming and ways to help residents with permits find spaces near their homes.  I have held two public meetings regarding this, and the next step is to try to gain a general consensus on the type of transportation-related changes that could improve the street.  To this end, my office will be circulating a link to an online survey to gain your input.  This will be sent to people from the local area who have contacted my office, and will be posted on my website at www.ward13.ca.

The Sweet Potato has also committed to

- no shopping carts can leave the store and wind up clogging up the sidewalks;

- ensuring all exterior lights and signs are turned off in the evening when the store closes;

- having employees help customers carry their shopping bags out to the off-site parking lot;

- agreeing to only accept deliveries to its loading dock during regular business hours;

- and the inclusion of a new employee position in the store’s business plan, whose sole responsibility will be to assist with deliveries, ensuring that vehicles don’t idle, and that the streets stay safe and quiet.

August 2015 Update 2 - The final report on the 108 Vine zoning application will be heard at the September 8th meeting of Etobicoke York Community Council. The report is available here.

Planning Staff are recommending approval of the proposal. 

Here are the details of the report: 

  • Application to permit a 1,670 m2 grocery store in the western portion of 108 Vine Ave, and a parking lot at 162 Vine Ave
  • The Official Plan Amendment recommended it be approved subject to a transportation impact assessment
  • The 108 Vine proposal was removed from the OMB appeal of Employment Lands
  • The transportation analysis was undertaken and staff have confirmed that the impacts are acceptable
  • The building outside isn't changing
  • The lands are "Employment Areas", and a proposed grocery store is seen as "more compatible with the abutting residential neighbourhood than what would otherwise be permitted on employment lands", of which uses range from offices to heavy manufacturing
  • A planting buffer is required along the west of the parking lot, adjacent to Vine Park
  • The applicant has proposed landscape improvements along Vine

At the community consultation meeting on July 3, 2014, residents raised concerns about land use, traffic, parking and loading, including a request for an updated traffic study and the need for traffic calming measures.  The study is complete and traffic calming options have been produced, and they will be presented at a public meeting next Tuesday, September 1 at 6:45pm at the Annette Library.  The potential expansion of permit parking hours on Vine and Pacific will also be discussed.

Given that Planning Staff are recommending approval, that Transportation Staff have confirmed that the projected impacts are acceptable, and that we are moving forward with traffic calming on the street regardless, Councillor Doucette will be recommending approval of this application.

We hope to see you at the meeting on September 1st.

August 2015 Update 1 - As you may know, an application was submitted to City Planning to amend the Zoning By-Law for the western portion of 108 Vine Avenue to permit a grocery store (The Sweet Potato). 

There was also an application to amend the Official Plan, as the site is "Employment Lands", to allow a retail use on the site.  This was approved with conditions that I advocated for: that it's smaller than 2,000 m2, to prevent a big box store, and that any retail application be carefully reviewed by Transportation staff to ensure minimal impacts.

This Official Plan amendment was tied up at the Ontario Municipal Board along with about 180 other applications in 'Employment Lands'.  The Sweet Potato application has since been removed from the OMB appeal, so the zoning application is all that remains for approval.  We haven't seen the Planning Staff report yet, so can't advise what is recommended.

We've heard from a number of residents on Vine Avenue who are concerned about the potential effects on traffic that a grocery store on this property might bring, from both customers and deliveries.

We've asked The Sweet Potato what they will do about this. 

Regarding deliveries, they wouldn't have orders that require larger trucks than they use now at their Dundas location, as they order from mostly small-scale, organic sellers, who don't use large trucks.  

There will be no deliveries before 9am or after 5pm.  They've advised that they can work with their companies to ensure they don't park on the street, and if there's ever a delay, they can arrange for drivers to wait in the parking lot. If drivers violate their terms (hours, parking, idling, etc), they have the ability to raise issue with their suppliers and see that it doesn't happen again.

They will also have a designated staff person on-site who receives deliveries to make sure that receiving happens quickly, efficiently, and that trucks are following their delivery guidelines.

Regarding avoiding carts on the sidewalks or street: no carts would leave the store - carts will be locked to the inside of the building (staff will help carry larger orders to the parking lot).  They will also be sprucing up the parking lot.

Transportation Planning has reviewed the Traffic Impact Study (TIS) submitted by the proponent and, after requesting some additional information, they have accepted the Traffic Study, and do not believe the proposal will negatively impact road operations.  We have also received the results from the City's Traffic Calming study, and they have found that the average speed recorded on the street is less than the minimum requirement for traffic calming.

Regardless of this, and regardless of what the Planning staff report will recommend, we are moving forward with traffic calming on the street. 

My office is organizing a public meeting for September 1st, 6:45pm, at Annette Library.  This way, residents can see what is being proposed and give their feedback.  We are also looking at expanding the permit parking hours to ensure that residents who have permits to park on the street have priority over visitors. 

I have asked Planning Staff to provide me with a list of businesses and other uses that could go in at 108 Vine without needing City Council approval, if the Sweet Potato application is refused.  If you are interested in this list, please contact my office.    

 You can also reference the City Planning site on 108 Vine, which, while a bit outdated, has links to the Traffic Study and Planning Rational documents which have been submitted by the Sweet Potato.

Should you have questions for City Planner Jeff Cantos, his number is 416-397-0244, or you can reach City Planner Derek Waltho at 416-394-8206.

Zoning By-law application

July 2015 Update - The City continues to review the re-zoning Application, a report is expected in the fall. My office is also working with Transportation Staff on traffic calming on the street. 108 Vine has now been released from the general OMB Employment Lands Appeal. 

November 2014 UpdatePlease see the latest update on the process for 108 Vine by clicking here.

An application has been submitted to City Planning which proposes amending the Zoning By-Law for the western portion of 108 Vine Avenue to permit a 1,670 sq m grocery store (Sweet Potato). Here is a link to the Preliminary report which was brought to the Planning and Growth Management Committee (P&G) in May. 

This zoning change must be approved by the province but I have heard from several concerned residents in the neighbourhood about it and didn't want to wait until the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing issued their decision. As a result I moved an amendment to a motion at the Planning & Growth Management directing Planning staff to host a community meeting before the province issues its decision. The Planning meeting was on Thursday, July 3rd. 

I have concerns about this application, particularly in regards to traffic, parking and the loading arrangements and am pleased to let you know that City Transportation staff will be joining us on July 3rd to answer your questions.

For your information I am including a link to the City Planning website where you can find links to the Traffic Study and Planning Rational documents which have been submitted by Sweet Potato.